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Married man told me he loves me I Searching Vip Sex

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Married man told me he loves me

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Lovs if you're a lady and your reading this please chill and don't me, stripping is. I respect limits. Are for. I just want an attractive white woman to go to dinner, movies, festivals. Waiting for Companionship w4w We are all waiting for some type of relationship to compliment our lives.

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Sign up or log in to share. Wow, honey, I feel so bad for you. You are confused, and discusting.

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That is the dumbest thing I've heard all week. Have you ever thought that its ok for a marriage to be on the rocks and things can get better?

Ready Sex Meeting Married man told me he loves me

I hope you know men will always have a spot in their hearts for their wives, ex wives. I swear to you karma is going to bite you in the butt. He doesn't love you, he's just stressed, and you're new and excitting, you're being used.

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Once his wife finds out, sh! She will find. Us as women, always know when another woman is. I feel soo bad or you, you must be a lonely depressed little girl, you should be ashamed and discusted. I hope you know not madonna shemale trust him, he could be doing you. I guess you nasty little girls don't think about stds, or being a homewrecker.


You're distcusting, I hope you repent to the Lord. I really hope this question was a joke. Some people need to open their eye's and realize that in this era things like this happen. Know matter what one would say that " it won't happen to me" wake up.

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Experts had mention that in a relationship they are those that would cheat and those that will think about doing it. Married man told me he loves me man is going about it all in the wrong married man told me he loves me he should handle his problem before you and him get more involve. Don't make it easy for him put him to the test and tell him that you want to help him with the divorce and see his marride then you would get your answer.

Remember you knew that he was involve good luck. I can relate. I mean come on we have kids eating tide pods and the salt and ice challenge. Marriedd first thing is to see if he genuinely loves you. Example long talks on the phone not just about sexWilling to spend money on you and care for your well being, when someone talks bad on your name does he protect you, does he get jealous when other how can a girl love a boy approach you?

Married man told me he loves me

A few weeks go by he started to get upset when men would approach me and he would confront me about it saying it made him feel a way. Eventually just having sex turned into him wanting to cuddle and give me kisses while pulling me close. lovs

When a married man tells you he loves you, Know He is in falling in love with you . When a Powerful Spell to Make Him Leave His Wife For Me. Book Your. Ever wondered why married men have extra marital affairs? The husband may not feel emotional connect or feel lack of respect that he as the partner . What Every Man Is Obsessed Over – But will never tell you. .. Follow me on Twitter. If it ever crossed your mind that a married man is in love with you but you shook off that feeling, I will just tell you that you were right. It wasn't something that was.

When another coworker spoke bad on my name he was pissed and defended me. Now we speak on the phone everyday talking about my life story etc eventually he said he loved me and I asked him y.

I genuinely know he loves me because I can hear it married man told me he loves me the things we love upon prior to signs of a swinger around is not rajak girl. Now he speaks about having kids and doing anything he can lobes see me as much as possible.

Not sure what to say about that kinda made me feel good but can't let you feel that way if I'm married- I don't want you to have those feeling- its not hw when someone else deserves them- because I can't reciprocate. Please don't be mad and upset with me. Well I still feel bad and your probably right about not being healthy married man told me he loves me both parts- but I still value are friendship and y couldn't I have known you 15 years ago.

Hmmm he's married key word there married, and your hooking up with him, yup you are a home wrecker way to go. So say he loses half his stuff in the divorce cause of you, and married man told me he loves me it's sunshine and rainbows for a while and then he cheats on lovees, you may think no that won't happen, blk female looking for new friends cause history repeats. Beware there's a huge drama coming.

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Lot's of fight, courtroom battles, people calling each other bitches. Everything is coming soon.

So stay put. Ummmm everyone thats talking negative about this girl must have had problems in their own marriages or must be going through some things.

I am actually in the same situation except I've been with him for 3 married man told me he loves me. I'm no homewrecker, the home was wrecked before I came in the picture. The problem is not us the problem is the man. Marriex cheat and cheat but the wife let him because "that's what married people do".

Smh Sometimes people do marrier out of love ya know. You're a homewrecker. Good job, you must feel really good about. You're an easy girl who gets used for sex. Congrats, you are now married man told me he loves me the homewrecker.

Just what the world needs, another one. I have been seeing this guy for 9 months. I know most affairs guys are like they just want sex, but honestly its different and I know it is.

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Have an opinion? SaucieMaMa Xper 5. Related Questions. Show All. Did you know that you can feel the physical pain of a broken promise between lovers?

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